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Most influential artists in music

The most influential artists in music ever (in chronological order):

1 Robert Johnson
 - His influence can be seen in almost all artists from 50's, 60's and 70's.

2 Elvis Presley - He was called the "king" of rock and roll. Elvis and The Beatles are isolated winners of sales of all time.

3 Chuck Berry - The father of rock and roll. His guitar playing style created a genre of music, created the Rolling Stones, created AC/DC and so on... 

4 The Beatles - By far, the most influential band/artists of all time. Hardly will exist again a phenomenon in Earth as The Beatles were in the 60's.

5 James Brown - Michael Jackson, Prince, Mick Jagger and many others owe very much to godfather of soul.

6 Bob Dylan - The most influential lyricist ever.

7 Rolling Stones - One of the most influential bands from 60's and 70's.

8 Jimi Hendrix - Since Chuck Berry, the most influential guitarrist. He changed the sound of guitars for ever.

9 David Bowie - Huge influence as lyricist and performatic artist for a generation.

10 Led Zeppelin - The most influential hard rock band. Since heavy metal bands as Iron Maiden, until hard rock bands as Guns n' Roses, without Led Zeppelin their music would't be the same.

11 Black Sabbath - Pioneers of metal genre as we know today.

12 Bob Marley - 100% of reggae artists quote Bob Marley as a huge influence. Also, he was a big influence for a lot of rock and pop artists.

13 Sex Pistols - The most influential punk band, though Ramones were the pioneers. The punk scene changed rock music in the world.

14 Madonna - The mother of a female genre of music and performance.

15 Nirvana - This band changed his generation. Until today, grunge was the last biggest revolution in music. Nirvana was the main grunge band.

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